a window that opens


Hi, I'm Brad Causey. Apertauga, which means "a window that opens," is a collection of my photographic work. In simplest terms, apertauga describes a camera's function – the shutter snaps open, light passes through and creates an exposure. But apertauga also connotes the opening of the mind and the imagination that comes from viewing art – especially abstract expressionist or minimalist art – two styles that classify the majority of my work.

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Basic geometric shapes and pattern repetition are the subject matter and focus of this collection.

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The Lone Tree Series

This is a serial collection of isolated trees that includes two subgroups, color and monochromatic.


Abstraction of form and vibrancy of color are the predominant themes in this collection.

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Black-and-white panoramic photos shot from roadsides throughout the Midwest and West.

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